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This post is very old. Technology, especially open source, moves very fast and it's likely that some of the information could be out of date. Please take that into consideration as you read this post.

Sep 2010

Fulltext Searches with CakeDC Search Plugin

I recently dove into the Search plugin that the CakeDC created. It's one of many plugins that the CakeDC has been releasing lately. Isn't open source lovely? You can grab the Search plugin here.

MATCH (description) AGAINST ('totally +awesome -lame')

One of the requirements of my search was to allow boolean fulltext searches. I wanted it to be as dynamic as possible so I can easily perform a MATCH (...) AGAINST (...) on any model. The Searchable behavior doesn't support this by default (and why should it? It's pretty specific functionality), but has such flexibility that adding it wasn't much of a problem. The first thing I did is construct my $filterArgs variable on my Profile model.

 * Filter args for the Search.Searchable behavior
 * @var array
 * @see Search.Searchable::parseCriteria()
var $filterArgs = array(
        'name' => 'simple',
        'type' => 'query',
        'method' => 'makeFulltext',
        'field' => array(

As you can see, we chose the query type (you'll see later) and tell it to call the method makeFullText(). The field parameter is an array of fields that we want to match against. Next, the heart of what makes this work.

 * Creates a MATCH (...) AGAINST (...) expression from the query using the fields
 * defined in filterArgs
 * @param array $data The key value pair for the filterArg's name to the query
 * @return string
function makeFulltext($data = array()) {
    $filterName = key($data);
    $filter = Set::extract('/.[name='.$filterName.']', $this->filterArgs);
    if (!isset($filter[0]['field'])) {
        $filter[0]['field'] = $this->alias.'.'.$this->displayField;
    $field = $filter[0]['field'];
    $query = $data[$filterName];
    $ds = ConnectionManager::getDataSource($this->useDbConfig);
    if (!is_array($field)) {
        $field = array($field);
    return array($ds->expression('MATCH ('.implode(',',array_map(array($ds, 'name'), $field)).') AGAINST ('.$ds->value($query).' IN BOOLEAN MODE)'));

Drop this in your app_model.php so it's available to all models. Basically, it finds the name of the filter (which you pass in the controller, later) and looks up the $filterArg to get the fields. Once it has the fields, it creates a DB expression based on the query we pass.

Making it all come together

Your controller code uses the Searchable behavior to generate conditions.

$this->Profile->find('all', array(
    'conditions' => $this->Profile->parseCriteria(array('simple' => 'totally +awesome'))

As you can see, we call Searchable::parseCriteria() and pass the name of the search according to $filterArgs as the key, with the value being the boolean search you want to perform. You can name the search whatever you want, just make sure to change it in $filterArgs. Or, create multiple searches to take advantage of any indexing you might be doing.

And there you have it, boolean fulltext searches in CakePHP using CakeDC's Searchable plugin.

Note: To perform fulltext searches you need your MySQL engine to be MyISAM and a FULLTEXT index with the columns you want to search. Also, this does not take relevance into account. Perhaps I'll come back to that at a later date.

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