Jeremy Harris

This post is very old. Technology, especially open source, moves very fast and it's likely that some of the information could be out of date. Please take that into consideration as you read this post.

Aug 2010

Starting out

My experience with Croogo has been very pleasant so far. I'm still learning my way around the code-side of things. That is, creating templates, plugins, etc. It looks incredibly promising.

I decided to put the blog up before actually completing a template. I have a lot of ideas and information to share that I've developed over the last year. A lot has been lost, unfortunately, so I'm going to at least keep some sort of history here.

Since putting the site live, I've noticed it's pretty slow. I'll work on that.

So, for now, default Croogo it is!

Jeremy Harris is a web developer with over 10 years of experience. He's coded in many languages and currently focuses on PHP, both agnostic and framework-based. When he isn't at the keyboard, you can find him walking @riverthepuppy or brewing beer. He only talks in the third person when peer pressure dictates he should, such as on his blog.