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This post is very old. Technology, especially open source, moves very fast and it's likely that some of the information could be out of date. Please take that into consideration as you read this post.

Aug 2010

Croogo Excerpts

As of Croogo 1.3.1 beta, the default behavior for paginated views (promoted, search, etc.) was to show the entire article. I wasn't too fond of this so I edited my templates. For example, under mytheme/nodes/promoted.ctp the body text reads something like:

echo $layout->nodeInfo();
echo $layout->nodeBody();
echo $layout->nodeMoreInfo();

So I changed it to:

echo $layout->nodeInfo();
echo $layout->nodeExcerpt();
echo $layout->nodeMoreInfo();

I had never filled in the excerpt field in any of my pages or blog posts, so naturally they were empty. The intuitive action, in my opinion, would be to default to some of the body text if there's no excerpt. It's a simple change, just change mytheme/elements/node_excerpt.ctp to this:

<div class="node-excerpt">
    $excerpt = $layout->node('excerpt');
    if (empty($excerpt)) {
      $body = $layout->node('body');
      echo $this->Text->truncate($body, 400, array('html' => true));
    } else {
      echo $excerpt;

By default I show 400 characters of the body if there's no excerpt defined. This makes it quick and easy to apply to all existing posts. Then just make sure to modify your template to use Layout::nodeExcerpt()</span> instead of <span class="code">Layout::nodeBody() where applicable.

In doing this you'll probably want a "Read more" link. I added a function to my CustomHelper.

class CustomHelper extends AppHelper {
    var $helpers = array('Layout');
     * A read more link for the node
     * @param array $options
     * @return string
      function readMore($options = array()) {
            $_options = array(
                'element' => 'node_read_more',
            $options = array_merge($_options, $options);

            $output = $this->Layout->View->element($options['element']);
            return $output;

Then add mytheme/elements/node_read_more.ctp to your elements.

<div class="read-more">
    $slug = $layout->node('url');
    echo $this->Html->link('Read More', $slug);

And finally, your promoted, etc. views should now look like:

echo $layout->nodeInfo();
echo $layout->nodeExcerpt();
echo $this->Custom->readMore();
echo $layout->nodeMoreInfo();

There you have it. Automatic excerpts with a nice customizable "Read more" link!

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