Jeremy Harris

This post is very old. Technology, especially open source, moves very fast and it's likely that some of the information could be out of date. Please take that into consideration as you read this post.

Jul 2009

Hello World

The quintessential first post! I'm planning on actually updating this blog with relevant posts and articles about CakePHP and programming in general.

Two things I would like to say: I submitted my first (of hopefully many) modification to the CakePHP core. Don't be surprised if you find me unnecessarily giddy when it gets applied. Secondly, I have purchased my ticket to CakeFest which, I expect, will be utterly fantastic.

Jeremy Harris is a web developer with over 10 years of experience. He's coded in many languages and currently focuses on PHP, both agnostic and framework-based. When he isn't at the keyboard, you can find him walking @riverthepuppy or brewing beer. He only talks in the third person when peer pressure dictates he should, such as on his blog.